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Monetizing DOOH Networks - Business Models for Converting Ad Inventory to Money

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Oct. 5, 2010

Digital out-of-home, or place-based media, is becoming an accepted and desired form of communication between advertisers and their potential customers. Delta Airlines, GM, Evian, Bank of America and Verizon are just a few national brands who have used DOOH ads to meet their marketing objectives in the past 12 months. The ability to reach consumers at many different touchpoints during their day and in different contexts and environments is intriguing.

This webinar is designed for all experience levels:

  • Newcomers to the DOOH industry interested in better understanding of how they can make money in this emerging field
  • Owners of existing networks to fine tune their business plans to maximize revenue potential
  • Potential DOOH advertisers to gain an understanding of the economics of creating and operating a DOOH network

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