Like distributor, like VAR: Digital signage solutions centers

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Dec. 30, 2008

Case Study

Nexus Information Systems liked Ingram Micro's digital signage solution center so much that it commissioned the distributor to build the company one of its own.

“Since digital signage is so fluid, Nexus Information Systems didn’t want to have one consistent look and feel for all of their digital signage solutions. So they have the displays mounted on the wall, but they engage the local content provider so that they have vertical-based content management. They may be talking about retail one day but want to talk about hospitality another.” —Tom Jones, technology solutions engineer at Ingram Micro.

Find out about the Digital Media Center that Ingram Micro helped Nexus Information Systems build in this case study.

Topics: Corporate Communication , Display Technology , Wayfinding

Companies: Ingram Micro Pro AV/Digital Signage Team

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