Advertising with Digital Signage

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Monetizing digital signage

As digital signage and digital out-of-home solutions become a more powerful force in the modern business environment, companies continue to look for ways to justify the cost. In most cases, the advertising subsidy solution is proposed often and early.

The use of ad space to pay some or all of the cost of a given project is certainly nothing new; for as long as there have been restaurants, there have been entrepreneurs offering to print up free menus in exchange for a piece of real estate on the page in which to sell ads.

Sponsorship is now a way of life, from football stadiums to ATMs. So it is no surprise that when a business thinks about putting large, expensive LCD or plasma displays in its environment, it at least gives a cursory thought to the notion of subletting some of that precious screen space.

Advertising can do more than subsidize costs. It also can improve the look of the store, as well as entertain and inform customers. The more interesting and relevant the content, the more the advertiser has a unique opportunity to develop loyalty surrounding its brand. Ultimately, it will end up in more sales.

In many case, digital out-of-home advertising can save a company money, as well. Many companies, particularly in the retail and restaurant spaces, also are already in the business of putting up signage, and changing that signage regularly. Untold man-hours are spent every week, worldwide, swapping out POP display ads and placards. Much of the content on this static signage is advertising for products available in the store. Taking this signage to the digital platform brings two new benefits: it removes the manual work involved in swapping out content, and it allows the retailer to get strategic about how, where and when ad content is displayed.

This guide is designed to give you key information for increasing sales and saving money through the use of advertising on digital signage screens. We'd like to thank NEC Display Solutions for allowing us to provide this information to you free of charge.