Digital Signage Distribution

Sponsored by Ingram Micro, Inc. Digital Signage Division
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Distributors help complete the deployment process
Ask a digital signage deployer how his screen got to his store and he may not have an answer.
For a digital signage distributor, that is a good thing.
Chances are, the screen came to the location through the digital signage distribution channel. And if the distributors have done their job, the entire process was seamless and transparent to the end user.
Distributors are basically middlemen with value-adds. They stock and warehouse digital signage hardware and software and then make sure it is shipped to the appropriate location when the reseller needs it. But distribution really goes beyond that process.
Distributors maintain relationship with vendors in order to ensure top-quality products. They also work closely with resellers to educate them on the newest products and bring the complete solution together.
Distributors are already quite well known in the electronics market. Ingram Micro, for example, has been dealing with thousands of resellers for many years and is now developing new digital signage initatives as the market segment continues to expand.
This guide will serve to give resellers, vendors and end users of digital signage an in-depth look into the distribution channel and the advantages that distributors can provide to each member of the channel. We would like to thank Ingram Micro for allowing us to bring this information to you free of charge.