Interactive Distance Learning

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White Paper

Published / Updated:
May 28, 2008
In today’s dynamic business environment, and constantly evolving technologies, companies must keep their employees informed, trained, and certified. Sending a subject matter expert to all locations to train employees in a classroom environment is costly, complex and time consuming. Sending employees to the corporate training center can be even more costly. Each of these methods reduce productivity and time spent on the job. However, interactive distance learning minimizes workplace disruption and creates training which is both relevant and convenient to employees.

Other benefits of using interactive training include:
• Increased reach to all employees.
• Removes inconsistency in training and having different instructors—all participants have the same message delivered by the same trainer.
• Removes cost of travel and lodging, shipping and reproduction expenses.
• Improves knowledge base by getting the right information to the right employee at the right time.
• Provides reporting information and verification of completion and passing scores.
• Provides interactive, interesting training that allows support from other classroom members along with exchange of information.
• Provides real-time feedback to participants to help improve their scores and understanding of information.
• Provides more personalized and instant response to participants.
• Greater productivity and retention of employees.
• Increased certifications and reduced turn around time for qualifications.

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