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Integrating Digital Signage and Social Media

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White Paper

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Feb. 27, 2012

Digital signage, with its ability to leverage social media feeds and present them in an eye-catching manner while at the same time delivering a sense of immediacy, fosters a natural, symbiotic relationship between social media content and digital signage delivery. This white paper, sponsored by X2O Media, discusses the benefits of integrating social media into the conversation in corporations, in retail locations and on campus. Benefits include:

  • Allowing viewers to engage with the signage
  • Making the signage a more personalized experience
  • Providing timely, highly-focused and constantly refreshed content
  • Keeping content updated without requiring a large time investment by the deployer
  • Facilitating advertising and promotional opportunities

X2O Media

X2O Media's advanced digital signage solutions let users easily create and manage professional, broadcast-quality content for digital signage networks of all sizes. X2O's solutions include award-winning digital signage software, network management services, and content design and acquisition services.

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