Installation & Service Technologies (IST): National Reach and Decades of Field Experience

Aug. 1, 2012

White Paper

No matter what the scale of your job IST has the know-how and the feet on the street to execute your plan quickly and with industry-leading skill and professionalism. Our nationwide field staff of highly trained technicians—strengthened by a support staff of Project Managers, Executive Leadership, Regional Managers, Service Delivery Managers, Project Coordinators, and Trainers—are committed to the success of your project.

Your Project Manager will coordinate all internal resources and serve as a single point of contact so you always know who is accountable and who you should call. From massive technology deployments to simple small business service solutions, IST is a premier provider of on-site service and installation. When you partner with IST you extend your reach nationwide and bring over 20 years of field experience to every project. IST is your single-source solution and the resource your technology projects need.

Topics: Installation / Integration , Maintenance / Repair , Project Management

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