Indianapolis Museum of Art and Scala InfoChannel Guide the Way to Inform Museum Visitors

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Case Study

Published / Updated:
May 2, 2008
When the Indianapolis Museum of Art contacted Digital AV about Scala InfoChannel® software, the Indiana based digital signage company knew it was in for an interesting artistic journey. Part of the $220 million expansion program under development at IMA included the vision for a dynamic visual greeting system for visitors and guests as they entered the new glass rotunda at the front of the Museum. The entrance was designed with exposed structural steel framework and a glass curtain wall system creating a large, open environment to welcome visitors. The problem was, the beautiful open area left visitors without a focal point of direction and, considering potential visitor counts in thousands for key events, IMA staff knew they had to pull the minds eye of the visitors to a central point of key information.   Enter Mike Prusa, Manager of IMA Ticketing and Visitors Division, who had seen digital signage used in other large museums throughout the country and knew it was exactly what the entrance needed to help guide their guests to the wide range of museum locations. A call to Tom Johnson, president of Digital AV, brought the museum in closer to their quest for a signage system that could display many things including:
  • Museum ticket prices
  • Upcoming museum events and exhibits
  • Various museum attractions
  • Plus other pre-loaded images available to run 24x7
The Scala InfoChannel software recommended was able to drive three independent monitors with Scala’s robust InfoChannel platform. The computer driven images would play in constant rotation but independently controlled by an external server in a remote location.   Download this paper to learn how Scala InfoChannel was able to deliver on the vision of the museums directors.

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