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How does a house of worship benefit from a digital signage system?

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White Paper

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March 6, 2009
For a house of worship, it’s about bringing people together. For digital display, it’s about enhancing human interaction through better communication.

Though the message comes from the heart, its delivery is empowered by smart technology, backed by industry experts offering personal, guided advice and management of a digital display solution designed for your church’s growing needs.

Digital Signage can provide many advantages:

Improves the quality of experience
. Through projectors, flat-panel screens and tiled video walls, a digital display system can enhance the visual experience of your service. Using simulcast technology, viewers can see the pulpit from any distance and any angle no matter their seat, and hearing impaired members are more easily included in the service. Special ceremonies serve as the perfect opportunity to fully take advantage of digital’s dynamic viewing capabilities, as multiple streaming video feeds can be used alongside user generated creative content.

Informs your visitors. Easily inform your congregation about service schedules, community events and member announcements through the strategic placement of digital screens. Interactive components like touchscreen kiosks can be useful in wayfinding; if a visitor needs to find information about facilities, they can simply refer to these screens without interrupting service. Information boards using paper, pushpins or plastic letters are now a thing of the past.

NEC Display Solutions

NEC Display Solutions is dedicated to providing innovative visual display solutions through award-winning products, advanced technologies, industry-leading service, and a wide-range of partners to complete any display need. 

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