Horizon Display's Guide to Interactive Video Walls: Tips & Tricks

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March 25, 2013

Here at Horizon, we tend to look at challenges as opportunities for innovation, improvement and a chance to tell our more curious brethren just how its done. Take video walls for example, which to most, are a big mystery. You plug it in, you press a button and almost by magic, your message is larger than life.

But before you press that “on” button there are a few not so magical steps you must pay special attention to.

This white paper is authored by Horizon Display’s video wall experts Mark Coxon, Josh Tonasket and Stephen Gladden, specialists who have worked with some of the largest era defining companies in the world. Nike and General Electric can do a lot to build credibility, wouldn’t you agree? It will focus on several tips to help you break down the barriers to allow easy adoption of video wall technologies.

Topics: Display Technology , Hardware , Installation / Integration , Retail Digital Signage

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