Healthier workplace snack options enabled by CradlePoint powered kiosks

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Dec. 28, 2012

Case Study

Avanti Markets wants you to have better choices and more of them—hundreds of healthier, fresher, nutritious choices for your workplace, purchased through an easy-to-use, unstaffed, self-serve market. ReadyTouch provides the kiosk software that allows such transactions to take place instantaneously and seamlessly.

These self-serve micro-markets, located in a wide variety of workplaces (over 1000 nationwide), must communicate a tremendous amount of information with central servers and credit card gateways, including product and nutrition information, pricing, commercials, discounts, and more. Kiosks must always be up to date and contain real-time sales information. And some locations even include 24/7 surveillance, to allow the market to be monitored and video to be cached.

In the absence of a wired Internet connection, 3G/4G mobile broadband combined with CradlePoint solutions enables connectivity to unattended digital kiosk.

Read this case study by CradlePoint to see how they helped Avanti Markets.

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