Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Deploys Digital Signage Network During Renovations

March 16, 2009

Case Study

As a part of a $750 million hotel and casino renovation project Hard Rock Hotel and Casino wanted to add a digital signage system that was completely scalable and adaptable to any of the following:
  • Split screens
  • Crawl messages
  • Insertion of video cameras
  • Insertion of META data
  • Flexible scheduling
The requirements also stipulated the system was to be accessible via an Internet browser both from the office and remotely. However, the major objective was a strong desire to add to the entertainment experience of the customer and create an overall face-lift of product branding with the use of more exciting, easily updateable dynamic messaging.

Like any well thought out digital signage network, the proposed deployment was completely customized to the current and future requirements of the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

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Topics: Casinos , Entertainment Venues

Companies: Scala, Inc.

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