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Getting the Most Out of Digital Menu Boards

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White Paper

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Oct. 12, 2011

Digital menu boards are giving modern restaurants a polished, high-tech look with sleek designs and eye-catching content. This white paper, sponsored by Philips Commercial Signage Group of MMD, discusses the benefits of digital menu boards and the best ways to protect the quality of the boards for the longest period possible. Methods discussed include:

• Using a high-quality commercial-grade display unit
• Beating image retention with content refresh
• Adjusting brightness
• Observing power use times to save energy and the life of the unit

Philips Signage Solutions

Philips Signage Solutions delivers 24/7 performance along with the only standard advanced exchange warranty in the business.  We focus on one thing, display; front of screen optimization as well as control and asset management. See why we are the choice of the biggest retail and Airport deployments in the US.

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