Ezscreen Helps Art Therapy Miracle

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Case Study

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Aug. 13, 2009
Five-year-old Deontay Isaac of Philadelphia, a patient at Blair E. Batson Hospital for Children,
does not need words to tell her story. The artwork-lined walls of her hospital say it all.

Charla Bullard, registered art therapist, and the Batson Hospital art therapy program, provided the solution.

Because of Deontay's disability, Bullard and Deontay practiced hand-over-hand drawing and painting, a technique in which Bullard guided Deontay’s hands. Eventually, Deontay could hold a paint brush in her mouth and paint on her own.

Although Deontay was improving, her progress was slowed by the tools available to her. She could paint or draw by holding pens or brushes in her mouth, but she had to have help changing colors and moving the paper. This process not only was laborious, but it also hampered Deontay’s burgeoning independence.

The breakthrough came with the arrival of a printer and an Ezscreen® RxKiosk® “All-in-One” Touchscreen PC donated by the Katherine Townsend Terral-Jessica Shelby Ferris endowment. This fund supports early intervention and art therapy in Batson Hospital. The computer is operated by touching its screen, so it could be controlled with a mouthstick which meant that Deontay could run the computer independently.

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