Enhancing Healthcare Security with Video Intelligence

Dec. 16, 2011

White Paper

Effective healthcare requires that hospitals and emergency rooms be safe and secure. However, workplace violence and crime are constant threats. According to the US Department of Justice, the rate of violent crime is 29% higher than average among physicians and 74% higher among nurses.

Healthcare facilities are also vulnerable to a wide array of other crimes and security events: pharmacies and equipment are attractive targets for thieves, infants require round-the-clock protection, and restricted areas must be closely monitored. Healthcare facilities are also physically dynamic, with thousands of staff, patients, and visitors moving through hundreds of entry points, corridors, and rooms.

Meeting these challenges can be difficult with traditional video surveillance systems that passively record terabytes of raw video data. These older systems don’t allow security teams to efficiently monitor large facilities, integrate alerts from other security systems, and ensure the fastest possible response when incidents occur.

A revolutionary new approach called video intelligence integrates video surveillance with business and security systems and uses video analytics to make it easy for security teams to improve workplace safety.

Topics: Healthcare / Hospitals , Security , Video Media

Companies: 3VR

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