Enabling Digital Signage Content Delivery

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May 21, 2008
Digital signage provides the perfect delivery vehicle for displaying information in the dynamic retail environment of a distributed retail enterprise. Such retailers can benefit greatly from implementing digital signage content delivery solutions. Implementations will not only make retailers more competitive, but it will save retailers money in operating expenses, lost productivity, and customer acquisition costs.

Helius address this segment’s unique needs in implementing and deploying digital signage content delivery. Like all good content delivery solutions, Helius provides systems that are cost-effect, reliable, and secure. They offer simple configuration and management interfaces that are based on open standards and capable of delivering audio, video, and data content simultaneously.

Helius is dedicated to developing products that enable the simple, secure and reliable integration of satellite and terrestrial LAN/WAN networks. With this infrastructure, retailers can utilize a system that offers:

• An "appliance” solution for simple deployment and future upgrades
• Secure transmission of all communications
• Support for “two-way” communication
• Scheduled content delivery
• Delivery via kiosk, personal computer, television, or video display
• The ability to use existing network infrastructure and content assets
• The ability to connect media-display devices directly into Helius servers and receivers
• Access to live or on-demand content
• Change or update content continuously from the local store or from the central office
• Deliver video, audio, multimedia, and data using the same network
• Support for local storage of content for on-demand viewing

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