Digital Signage Software: End User Perspectives on the Importance and Performance of Key Features and Functions

Aug. 14, 2009

White Paper

However, just because these barriers to acceptance are falling away, it does not necessarily follow that network operators and retailers are automatically finding the best programming formats or the best locations for those networked out-of-home screens. Also, it is important to understand that most retailers and networks operators do not yet understand which technologies will be the most effective at driving their programming, leveraging their venues and most importantly, meeting customer needs.

Among the technology vendors that serve this screen-media market, we see dozens of players around the world today. Even within the software sector – which we will define here as software producers whose products drive content on these out-of-home screen media networks – there are at least 40 companies around the world which claim to offer solutions for this market.

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Topics: Display Technology , Retail , Software

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