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Digital Signage in the Hotel Industry

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Nov. 12, 2012

The concept of digital signage has been alive and well in hotels for many years, although it has been through the use of “hotel channels” on in-room TVs. Usually the default channel when the TV is turned on, the hotel’s internal channel frequently is used to inform guests of hotel amenities, restaurants and trailers for in-room movies.

Now, that kind of information is making its way out of the rooms, thanks to flatscreen monitors and digital signage networks. Hotels can use this same concept not only to provide information to guests, but also to contribute to the atmosphere of their lobbies, restaurants and hallways.
For large hotels with conference centers and that frequently host thousands of people, digital signage provides an easy way to keep constantly changing conference and expo information up to date and accurate. The signs also are effective as wayfinding tools to guide large groups of people in the right direction.

This guide focuses on how digital signage is being used in hospitality settings by providing case studies and examples of worldwide deployments from companies such as Marriott, Royal Caribbean and Hyatt. It also explores some of the technology trends that are likely to be seen in the future of hospitality digital signage.

We would like to thank LG Electronics, a provider of digital signage solutions, for its sponsorship of this guide, which allows us to bring it to you free of charge.

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