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Digital Signage: Big Man on Campus and Growing [Infographic]

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Oct. 22, 2012

There's a lot to learn about digital signage in education. The dynamic messaging and information capabilities of the medium offer a plethora of benefits to universities and colleges, from dorm room to the cafeteria, from the classroom to the quad. 

And the digital signage industry has a great deal to teach the education sector about this still-underutilized technology both from a benefits standpoint to a how-to view. 

Hard data about the education sector's deployment of digital signage is hard to come by, in no small part because it seems that many schools don't themselves know about their own digital signage systems, whether it's how many screens are on campus or who administrates the screens. But we've put together some interesting data points that suggest the technology's reach on campus is growing, and showing some of the impact it can have for schools and students. 

Universities, always facing tight budget restraints, can use them to provide revenue from advertisers and they can deploy high-tech signage to keep up with the Jetsons, to reach today's students and tomorrow's in a way they'll pay attention to, understand and act on.

Download this infographic to get schooled about digital signage on campus. 

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