Digital Signage Advertising for Marketers and Retailers

Aug. 8, 2008
Because digital signage can be controlled and implemented from a central location, in-store marketing can be consistent. No longer do large retailers have to hope that store staff will promptly put out campaign material—you can deploy the materials yourself with only a few clicks of a mouse.

Digital signage also produces a significant time saving for your marketing department. You don’t have to print, ship or create installation instructions for each ad campaign with digital signage.  There is very little time lost between concept design approval, media production and store rollout.

Traditional static signage is not going to go away and has its well-earned place in a marketing campaign. However, digital signage allows marketing to transcend its medium and connect to consumers in a way that static materials simply can’t.

To learn more about how digital signage can work for you, please sign up for the white paper provided by Navori SA below.

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