Digital Posters Deliver Dynamic Content to Medical Professionals

Jan. 19, 2009

Case Study

ASVideo replaced typical printed posters with centrally managed and database driven interactive digital posters. Each poster is composed of a 42" screen,and connected to a digital signage network where medical professionals can search for relevant information with just a touch of the screen.   The screens were installed in meeting places, such as medical congresses. Participants could search the medical database at each screen and learn new medical techniques or inquire about case dynamics for individual cases. Content available from the database includes text, graphics, medical scans and videos to better deliver a multimedia solution for the intended information; something traditional printed posters could not provide. An added feature of the digital poster network is to facilitate a voting system that allows participants to vote on their favorite content. The vote is registered through a sensory bar code and activated by the bar code on the medical professional’s conference identification badge. The system compiles the votes and reports the results.   To enhance the effectiveness of the digital posters, branded medical and pharmaceutical ads are displayed on the posters providing exposure for industry vendors.

Topics: Digital Merchandising , Healthcare / Hospitals , Interactive / Touchscreen

Companies: Scala, Inc.

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