Deckers Outdoor - Teva: Using Interactive Digital Signage to Promote Brand Experience

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June 26, 2009

Case Study

Teva looked to new forms of media that could reflect the active lifestyles of their brand. With a multitude of event and product videos available they sought a solution in which they could bring those experiences in-store and differentiate themselves from competition, often located on the next shelf or just down the aisle. Through this interactive experience Teva hoped to grow their customer base by expanding and reinforcing brand loyalty.

WirelessRonin helped TEVA by:

  • Deploying in-store touch-screen kioks
  • Providing TEVA with a way to visually track customer behavior
  • Providing an easy-to-update, all-inclusive digital marketing system

Topics: 3D Digital Signage , Corporate Communication , Customer Experience , Digital Merchandising , Retail

Companies: Wireless Ronin Technologies

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