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Cradlepoint Solution Allows Retail Jewelry Store to Open, Saving $50,000

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Case Study

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Nov. 9, 2015

PANDORA, an international jewelry retailer, was almost delayed opening one of its unique concept stores in Lancaster, PA because of an ISP strike. However, its outsourced IT expert, eMazzanti Technologies, packaged a technology solution that allowed the store to open on time.

Tapping the IT expertise of eMazzanti Technologies, PANDORA’s northeast computer partner, the retailer used a solution that included a CradlePoint CBR450 Broadband Router, WatchGuard XTM21X Firewall and HP Pro Curve Switch.

Learn how this helped save PANDORA $50,000 in sales and expenses.


Specializing in connectivity failover, machine-to-machine (M2M), and 3G/4G primary connections, Cradlepoint solutions are purpose built for PCI compliant networks.

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