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Cooling for Digital Displays

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Sept. 25, 2009
It’s a known fact that most, if not all, electronics operate best in cool, dry conditions. Heat build-up or “hot spots” are one of the leading causes of electronic failures / mal-functions. Being able to effectively cool outdoor digital displays is crucial for any digital display application. Without proper cooling LCD screens cannot take the impact of direct sun load and the electronics will not survive the extreme heat. CoolVu™ is the most innovative and cutting edge cooling system on the market.

  • Cooling for Digital Displays – Why it matters
  • What is CoolVu™?
  • Why is CoolVu™ important?
  • How CoolVu™ works
  • Preventing “Solar-Clearing”


LG-MRI is the global leader in enterprise LCD display solutions. Indoor and Outdoor Digital Displays / Arrays spanning from 49" to 98" in size.

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