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Common Digital Signage Questions and Misconceptions

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White Paper

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Nov. 24, 2009

Too often, buyers don't consider all the options before purchasing digital signage, finding themselves with a system that doesn't meet their needs. Consider:

  • Hardware. It's important to know not just what kind of hardware is needed, but how it will work in the space allotted. Mounting solutions or cabling may be needed.
  • Content. Keeping content fresh and relevant keeps eyes on the screen.
  • Next steps. Once a rollout is successfully completed, know what happens next. Will the network expand? Is more staff needed? What results are desired, and how will they be measured?

Ingram Micro Pro AV/Digital Signage Team

Ingram Micro's ProAV/Digital Signage Business Unit is the only full-service IT distributor dedicated to the digital signage market, providing sales support, financing, leasing, training and technical support.

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