Brochure: 46" LCD Ultra-Thin Bezel Displays

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Sept. 23, 2009

The Samsung 460UT series 46" LCD displays feature bezels of just 2.4 mm on the bottom and right, and 4.3 mm on the top and left, for a total bezel width of 6.7 mm. Video walls are virtually seamless.

• Compatible with Samsung MID46-2 ID Kit, for simple installation, and for video walls that can be bent up to 40°
• Maintenance is greatly simplified, with back covers that can be easily removed without having to unmount displays
• Built-in computer and MagicInfo™ software make it easy to control content over LAN/WAN (460UTn, 460UTn-UD)
• Improved cooling technology allows continuous 24/7 operation

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