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Oct. 31, 2012

Introducing the industry’s first line of solid-state digital sign players with PC-class performance. State-of-the-art technology includes an advanced video decoding engine with superior scaling technology that delivers pristine 1080p60 video and supports 3D content.

The video engine is capable of decoding two 1080p60 videos or several lower-resolution videos simultaneously. BrightSign XD brings Live HDTV to your signage using an ATSC/Clear QAM tuner or HDMI input. The ATSC tuner is used to play cable TV* or closed circuit TV broadcasts, and the HDMI input to play any broadcast content – even HDCP protected content.

All models support HTML5 so content creators can use familiar development tools to create engaging content. BrightSign’s touch-screen interactivity is enhanced with swipe/gesture control.


BrightSign is the uncontended market leader in digital signage media players, offering the most reliable and sophisticated solid-state players on the market today.

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