BrightSign Solid-State HD Controllers Drive OSM Solutions Affordable, All-Inclusive Menu Board Solutions for QSRs

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Dec. 7, 2011

Case Study

In high traffic areas such as malls or airports, where each QSR is in direct, customer-by-customer competition, maximizing the impact of menu board real estate has become a top priority. Recognizing the budget and technical support constraints that many smaller franchises and one-off shops are experiencing, OSM Solutions offers complete, end-to-end digital menu board signage solutions that enable QSRs to increase sales with mouthwatering visuals and timely promotions.

To ensure that their solutions are affordable, easy to install and easy to maintain, OSM Solutions uses BrightSign controllers exclusively as the high-quality platform for driving their menu boards which have been installed at 20 locations across the country.

The eye-catching OSM menu boards are all powered by BrightSign’s network-enabled HD210 looping digital signage controllers. When clients request it, OSM uses the networking capabilities of the BrightSign HD210s to remotely update prices and menu items on the menu boards as often as needed from its home base in Austin, TX.

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