Bar-B-Q Tonight Restaurant Uses Digital Advertising Network to Lift Revenue

March 16, 2009

Case Study

The Bar-B-Q Tonight Restaurant has seating capacity for 1500 patrons. The BBQ Digital Advertising Network was conceived with the help of Faith Media Services, a Scala Certified Partner. The BBQ Digital Advertising Network facilitates advertising slots for brand ads, “Powered by Scala” and FMS ads, and promotions for restaurant food items and services. Local promotions for the restaurant include favorite dishes of the day, daily restaurant promotions, local news and weather, and restaurant services including free home delivery and catering services. The remaining slots are offered to brand advertisers, facilitating exposure of their products and services to a huge audience of more than 75,000 patrons per month.

Patrons are entertained and informed about food choices and promotions available in the restaurant and they are treated to news and weather for the local area. Patron feedback has been very positive and the restaurant has experienced a revenue increase between 5 and 20% on promoted products to date.

Download this case study to learn how to deploy a service like this in your restaurant.

Topics: Advertising , Menu Boards , Restaurants

Companies: Scala, Inc.

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