Automotive Digital Signage ROI: Driving Value to Your Business

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March 23, 2009

White Paper

The global financial crisis has hit the US economy hard, and the automotive industry even harder. As OEMs try to plan for the future, decision makers at all levels have been forced to re-evaluate various initiatives to determine their true value.

The advertising industry, like the automotive industry, has experienced significant challenges in this economy but one of its major segments, digital signage – is growing. The growth can largely be attributed to the advancement of this technology which has helped retailers, marketing and entertainment companies, along with many other organizations to ‘narrowcast’ dynamic video, graphical and editorial content on hundreds, or even thousands, of digital signage displays located virtually anywhere.

This guide’s objective is to direct you through the process of developing a return-on-investment that is relevant, measurable, and significant.

Topics: Assisted Selling/Point-of-Decision , Digital Merchandising , Transportation

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