Addressing Concerns of Prospective Digital Signage Adopters

June 4, 2008
In recent years the adoption of electronic digital signage (EDS) solutions by financial and retail institutions has greatly accelerated. Once considered inappropriate, EDS has gained recognition as a necessary component to a company’s marketing strategy. But while companies are no longer asking if they can justify an EDS solution, they are asking additional questions about how they can maximize the benefits of EDS, create a content strategy, general maintenance, and estimate the cost of EDS ownership.
   Planar encourages all organizations reviewing the possibility of an EDS solution to consider the following:
  • Using an open system will ensure your content creators can continue to use the same tools
  • Most organizations quickly discover that they already have 70 percent of the digital assets needed in an EDS asset base and that their initial programming needs are less than anticipated.
  • Review EDS proposals against your company’s current and long-term IT capabilities and plans. This helps ensure that you choose the solution that will best meet your organization’s needs now and in the future.
  • The successful implementation of an enterprise EDS system rests on a long-term ability to support the system sufficiently throughout the organization.
For more detailed advice from Planar, please see the complimentary guide.

Topics: Content Management , Large-Scale Deployment

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