75,000 Red LEDs Wrap 7-Story Mall Facade

Aug. 25, 2010

Case Study

Shopping center developers everywhere strive for strategies to distinguish their properties. In Thailand, that effort led the country’s largest retail developer to embellish the facade of a seven-story Bangkok shopping complex that opened in November 2008 with 75,000 red LUXEON Rebel LEDs arranged to form a bold pattern-changing geometric design.

Thailand’s Lumitron Lighting International engineered and manufactured the lighting installation for the upscale mall, backed by proof of concept and engineering services from LUXEON supplier and LED application development specialist Future Lighting Solutions. Today, the lights of CentralPlaza ChaengWatiana blink like a beacon on the local skyline while also meeting the need for low power consumption, long bulb life, and durability in Thailand’s extreme heat and wind.

Topics: Digital Billboards , LED Signs , Retail

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