4 Companies and Their Innovative Interactive Kiosk Strategies

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July 24, 2013

White Paper

It’s becoming more and more evident that companies have to present engaging and dynamic content to their audience to capture their attention.

Take kiosks for example, they can be anything from newsstands to way finding maps – really it’s any freestanding structure that disseminates information, and it seems like they’re everywhere! Let’s face it, most of them just get in your way and slow you down.

In this eBook, we will take you through 4 of our favorite interactive multi-touch kiosk projects:

  • Wyland Helps Save the Whales
  • Envision CharlotteUnites People for a Sustainable City
  • Conestoga Mall Make Sense of the Mall Maze
  • Toys “R” Us Helps Shoppers Shop More Efficiently

Topics: Hardware , Interactive / Touchscreen , Software , State of the Art Digital Signage

Companies: Horizon Display

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