3G/4G Digital Signage Networks

March 27, 2013
3G and 4G-based cellular networks make digital signage more cost-effective, practical and flexible. Digital signage networks that run on cellular-based Internet support provide all the capabilities of a hardwired network without its inherent limitations. And the advent of 4G promises to bring a new level of content to networks, including increased broadband, interactivity and on-demand video. Download this guide, sponsored by CradlePoint, to learn how to harness the power of 3G and 4G cellular-based digital signage, including:
  • Networking and digital signage
  • The key business advantages of cellular networks
  • Cellular-based digital signage in the real world
  • Major carriers

Topics: Cellular Signage , Mobile Interactivity , Retail , Retail Digital Signage , State of the Art Digital Signage

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