Travel Agents Improve Product Communication

Source: Scala, Inc.
Type: Case Study
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A “Dynamic Digital Signage” solution has benefits over the manual process. Controlled from a central location, this type of solution can be continuously updated, so time to market is immediate and specials can be launched overnight. Limited duration specials suddenly become easy to manage and control as expiration times can be set independently for each item to be displayed. The large flat-panel screens are also more appealing. Screens can be mounted horizontally (as in the pictures above) or vertically, providing a “dynamic poster” look and feel. Airfares can be updated on the digital display directly from a rates database, allowing special short term airfares to be placed on the screen almost immediately, creating a focus point on the screen that is more likely to attract the attention of a prospective customer or even a casual “passer by”.

“In the 18+ months that we have been using the InfoChannel® system in the travel industry we have not had a single player fail or hang! Without Scala we would never be able to offer the level of service to our customer that we do.”, Cornel van Lingen, General Manager, Public Display Technologies.

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