Six Basic Digital Signage Applications for the Hospitality Industry

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Sponsored by: Keywest Technology
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The number of choices for both products and services available to consumers has grown exponentially, creating a demand for better communication systems that place relevant product information closer to the point-of-purchase. Increasing information-on-demand, however, can quickly overwhelm human resources in hospitality settings. Herein lies a major advantage to digital signage. Even though modern digital signage can be passive, today’s more process-oriented digital signs can interact with consumers -giving them power to drive the media that interests them- thereby providing valuable assistance in making choices. Additionally, content can be automatically pushed to digital signs from back- office database systems automating the update and management processes, freeing up important human resources for other tasks. Breaking traditional communication paradigms into multifaceted strategies, digital signage synergizes with modern marketing goals.

Read on to learn six of the more common applications used in hospitality today...