Safeway selects Helius to enhance communications and training capabilities

Source: Helius, LLC
Type: Case Study
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Safeway, Inc. is in the highly competitive grocery business, operating 1,776 stores in North America. Corporate communications and employee training are critical to the success of the company. The Corporate Communications and Media Production Organizations are responsible for developing and executing the delivery of the company’s communication strategy to its stores.

Safeway delivers its communications and training via a blend of satellite and terrestrial-based systems to 1900 locations, including the stores, administrative offices, manufacturing plants, distribution centers and data centers. Much of its programming is delivered live for viewing on televisions in training rooms or break rooms. Additionally, content is provided through web based training. The demand within Safeway to provide more content related to ongoing corporate communications and up-to-date employee training on products, customer service practices and compliance related issues is increasing.