Digital Signage Uses Go Beyond Retail

Source: NAVORI
Type: Guide
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Digital signage is popularly associated with marketing and retail venues. But its purpose allows it to reach far beyond such a limited avenue.
Digital signage is suitable for practically any group that needs to transmit information to a targeted audience. Digital signage works in locations that range from ritzy casinos to quiet school campuses—the technology is infinitely flexible.  If it can appear without comment in places of worship, surely digital signage can work anywhere.

The content, of course, varies, but all of the above organizations use digital signage for non-advertising purposes. For example, schools use digital signage to replace old closed-circuit TV systems. The move to digital signage allows administrators to review all material before it is broadcast and allows them to extend their emergency broadcast system.

Please see this free white paper from Navori for more information about the non-retail applications of digital signage.