• KioskCom Europe 2008: Highlights

    Digital Signage Today editor Bill Yackey explains two featured solutions at the first day of the Digital Signage Show Europe: Samsung's ID video wall and Cammax's patient check-in kiosk and digital …
  • Ad Manager and Content Manager from Scala

    Peter Cherna, Scala's VP of research and development, explains the capabilities of Scala's latest versions of Ad and Content Manager.
  • Scala's Connected Signage Conference 2008

    Jeff Porter of Scala speaks about the convergence of digtial and static signage and gives his impressions on the Connected Signage Conference.
  • Interactive and gesture-based digital signage

    This video features examples of Monster Media's interactive and gesture-based digital signage line-up. Images are projected onto a screen, then infrared cameras are used to determine the movements of …
  • Cisco digital signage application

    Cisco's digital signage is a comprehensive solution for flexible and centralized management and publishing of digital media to networked, on-premise digital signage displays. Janice Litvinoff …
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