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  • Interactive displays at the Hello Kitty Store

    YDreams crafted a media-rich environment at Lisbon's first Hello Kitty store. Entering the store, shoppers are greeted with an interactive Hello Kitty theme-based yWalk that displays a picture of …
  • An Introduction to Scala's Infochannel5

    In today’s world of information overload, how do you make your message stand out to your audience? By using digital signage and dynamic messaging. Scala InfoChannel5 digital signage software, …
  • Scala: Signs of the times

    There’s a new sign in town, and its changing the face of traditional retail signage. Enter dynamic digital signage. Digital signage allows users to send the right message, to the right …
  • Scala: The future of digital signage is now

    Scala says the future of messaging is now, and that future lays in digital signage and dynamic messaging. Scala connects more than 70,000 media players to more than 200,000 screens in more than 100 …
  • Interactive storefront window at Elle MacPherson, NYC

    At the Elle MacPherson Intimates store in New York, passersby are drawn in by an interactive application running inside the window that allows them to shape the images on screen with their movements. …
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