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  • CETW: X20 Media's Twitter Cube

    X2O Media President David Wilkins talks to DST Editor Christopher Hall about X20 Media's Twitter Cube at CETW, powered in part by an Xbox 360 Kinect camera.
  • CETW: The Body Mirror

    Snibbe Interactive's full-length "mirror" can let people take a deeper look at themselves.
  • CETW: Auto-adjusting drive-thru kiosk

    Meridian Zero Degrees shows its innovative QSR application, developed in partnership with Nextep.
  • CETW: MediaTile's HumanKiosk

    MediaTile CEO Simon Wilson shows how the HumanKiosk lets brands have a customer service representative on the sales floor without really having one on the floor.
  • CETW: Kiosk, digital signage integration

    LiveWire Kiosk's Dave McCracken talks about the integration of various customer-facing technologies, including mobile, with software that has remote-management functionality.
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