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The Ultimate Guide For Digital Signage Wayfinding

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Digital Signage in Corporate Communications

Digital signage is moving beyond its traditional role as an advertising tool and is increasingly being used to convey information in a corporate setting.

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Hospital Indoor Wayfinding | 22MILES Digital Signage Solution

As a true interactive information hub, 22MILES digital signage platform is more than just a directory, connecting all public information and communication channels into a cool and fun user experience.

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Shopping City Malls Offers Multi-Floor Wayfinding to Shoppers

Silicon Valley, California - 22Miles successfully deploys 18 touchscreen wayfinding kiosk units. These all-in-one interactive kiosks were installed into Shopping City Mall located in Austria Seiersberg to guide over 35,000 daily visitors with mall destination wayfinding maps, shopping center information, specific promotions, and advertisements.

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WEBINAR: Creating a State-of-the-Art Video Wall: A case study from UC Riverside

Higher education institutions are taking digital signage beyond on-campus wayfinding and announcements, using large-scale video walls to create high-tech educational and entertainment experiences for students.

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Digital Signage in Health Care

Digital screens quickly are becoming a fixture in health care facilities, performing functions ranging from pointing the way to educating both doctors and patients on medical procedures.

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Kiosks as Virtual Attendants

Virtual attendant kiosks are helping companies increase personalized service while offering tremendous cost savings.

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Helping Students Find Their Way: Towson University Aces Campus Communication with Wayfinding and Digital Signage

As a new student, there is nothing worse than being late to class because you could not find the room.With faculty, students, visitors and parents, a college campus is a bustling environment that can be daunting for those unfamiliar with its myriad buildings.

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Wayfinding Moves Outdoors

Long used in indoor wayfinding applications, digital signage increasingly is being used for outdoor applications.

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Uses of Digital Signage in Transportation

Digital signage quickly is replacing static signage in transportation applications. Along with displaying schedule information, digital signage can serve double duty by advertising products and services and generating additional revenue.

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Digital Signage in the Hotel Industry

Digital signage applications are spreading throughout hotels, from the lobby to the conference center to the room. Learn about new concepts for informing and engaging hotel guests through digital signage, and how to make the network work for the hotel.

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Digital Signage: Big Man on Campus and Growing [Infographic]

There's a lot to learn about digital signage in education. The dynamic messaging and information capabilities of the medium offer a plethora of benefits to universities and colleges, from dorm room to the cafeteria, from the classroom to the quad.

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Whether you're a shopping mall, a hospital or a casino, you need to get shoppers, patients, visitors and guests to the right place, and get them there via the most direct route possible. Dynamic interactive digital signage wayfinding gets people where you need them to be.