Leveraging the Internet of Things with Wireless Networks

Internet-connected devices allow businesses to gather detailed information about their operations in real time, enabling them to make decisions that can benefit the bottom line.

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Simplicity, Reliability and Remote Control Bring Success to SOLAR360 Digital Signage Franchising Plan

What happens when you cross the appeal of professional and collegiate sports with the potential of generating substantial ad revenue from mom-and-pop business owners who’ve never even thought they could afford to advertise in such a high-profile environment?

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Digital Signage Hardware

The foundation of any digital signage system is its hardware. Knowing what components are right for system is a crucial step to creating the most effective signage possible. In this guide, learn about screens, media players, connectivity and best practices to ensure a high-quality system.

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'Is there such a thing as a digital signage network?'

The head of the DSA ponders the meaning of "digital signage." Is it a physical network, a state of mind, a discipline or something else?

What does and doesn't work in DOOH

A longstanding observer and participant in the digital signage industry takes it back to the basics.

4 steps to achieving higher value from digital signage

A digital signage expert offers three key factors to take benefits to the next level and a four-point plan to increase ROI.

How digital signage drives sales in auto dealerships

Sales lift, defensive marketing and wow factor are just some of the benefits of digital signage for auto dealers.

The next level is now in dynamic media (Commentary)

Take a look at the state of the digital signage or dynamic media industry with analyst and educator Lyle Bunn.

Fiat goes fast for digital signage at the pump (Video)

Italian carmaker targets consumers at the pump with new digital out-of-home-specific ad.

Digital signage checking into hotels to stay

Take a look at why digital signage is growing in the hospitality industry, and where to deploy it.

Seeking mobile engagement for your DOOH network

It is impossible to ignore the revolution of personal technology. Everyone has been keeping up to date on monthly smartphone sales.

Boosting digital returns: What is the optimal number of advertiser slots?

As billboard operators convert static faces to digital, a key question is often how best to optimize to the perfect number of advertiser "slots." For someone new to the digital medium, the ideal rotation — six to eight advertiser slots...

Effectively measuring dwell time for DOOH networks

When a DOOH network is planning, rolling out, pitching and delivering their content, one piece of information is very important: dwell time. Books have been written about content strategies that vary with dwell time.

DOOH networks: Selling to media agencies

Media agencies are notoriously difficult to sell to. You know this if you've ever tried to cold call an account manager.

Proximity marketing: Merging the digital and physical worlds (Commentary)

How digital signage and location-based proximity marketing can work together for both buyers and sellers.

Digital signage common sense: Digital vs. Analog signal extension (Commentary)

What's the best way to get your content to your screens, digital or analog? The answer may surprise you.

DOOH network operators: Be ready to act as content advisers

Advertisers demand results. Many new network operators stress over this.

Why 'local' matters in workplace digital signage

In my last two blogs I wrote about what the terms "social" and "mobile" mean within the digital signage industry. Today I'll complete the social-mobile-local trilogy by focusing on the "local" aspects of workplace communication. To get an idea of...

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Digital signage networks are a great option for advertisers who want to target consumers on the go. Digital signage networks are popping up everywhere...airports, arenas, train stations, gas stations, doctor's offices and more.