The Greening of Communications

Since November 2009 when emails emerged from the University of East Anglia in the UK throwing into question the veracity of data supporting the theory of manmade global warming, public discourse about the idea that greenhouse gasses generated from human...

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The Connected QSR

Successful restaurant operators typically are skilled at serving great food, not managing IT infrastructure. A 4G LTE network can make the task of managing a restaurant's digital devices a breeze.

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The Benefits of LED Backlighting for Digital Signage

New technology offers environmental benefits, better durability and increased cost savings.

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Are digital signs eco-friendly?

We're often asked if LED message centers are eco-friendly. Business owners know that green products are more than just good for the planet.

Save money and the planet with 'green' digital signage

How improving digital signage display technologies help the environment and profit margins at the same time.

Pixels vs. paper: Digital signage's 'green' considerations

Most companies, when confronted with "green" considerations, ask "What's in it for me?" The bottom line is that digital signage solutions not only help in the ongoing effort to reverse the effects of 150 years of rapid industrialization, but also...

NEC talks new displays, metering carbon footprints in digital signage (Video)

DST Editor Christopher Hall talked to NEC at this year's spring CETW about new displays and eco-friendly features.

Going green with digital signage makes dollars and sense

When it comes to digital signage, taking an environmentally-friendly approach to communications just makes good business sense.

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