Campus Digital Signage

Schools, institutions and corporations are learning that digital signage is an effective way to inform. Find out how to make the most out of communicating through a digital medium.

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Digital Signage: Big Man on Campus and Growing [Infographic]

There's a lot to learn about digital signage in education. The dynamic messaging and information capabilities of the medium offer a plethora of benefits to universities and colleges, from dorm room to the cafeteria, from the classroom to the quad.

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CAYIN Digital Signage System Increases Involvement for Taipei Fuhsing Private School

Bulletin boards play an important role in the transmission of information throughout a campus. It is widely used to announce school’s policies, promote academic seminars, and recognize outstanding performances of students and the faculty.

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5 Steps To Successful Digital Signage in Higher Education

Every day, more schools, colleges and universities are using digital channels to create a stimulating modern environment that makes working and learning exciting. Digital signage is helping to change the ways educational facilities communicate with students, faculty members and visitors.

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Smart Dynamic Wayfinding Signage

King William I College is part of the progressive Regional Educational Center for secondary vocational education operating in the middle of the Netherlands. With 6 locations including 2 big campus sites in the Hertogenbosch region, King William I College offers about 200 different educational programs to nearly 13,000 students.

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[Infographic] The Campus Technology Crave: Communication Methods Graduate with Digital Signage

Students utilize technology for more than just social media and shopping. They rely on it for studying and wayfinding, as well as general announcements. Campuses that use digital signage communications are able to connect with their student body through a medium that they use and love.

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Campus Safety: Staying Compliant with Digital Signage

No one wants to think about these topics, let alone prepare for them; but when disaster strikes, your school needs to have a proficient plan of action. Digital Signage helps campuses be prepared because of it’s ability to integrate with emergency responders while providing communication around campus.

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Wayfinding Moves Outdoors

Long used in indoor wayfinding applications, digital signage increasingly is being used for outdoor applications.

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Playful Interactive and Educative Touch Displays in Aquarium

Visiting an aquarium is both fun and educative. Visitors will see all kind of sea animals, and natural human curiosity will make them want to know more about what they see. With display signs limiting the amount of words you can place on a sign, Palma Aquarium Mallorca found the right solution by installing AOPEN all-in-one touch displays.

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Universities and Interactive Technology 101

Have you ever wondered what a university in the future would look like? Does your mind instantly wander to a campus with glass walls and hover boards? Mine too.

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Getting Smart with Video Wall Displays

The country's premier business school partners with NEC to upgrade its aging video wall.

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Webinar: Creating Real-Time Interactions with Digital Signage in Higher Education

Engaging and interacting with a generation of students raised surrounded by media is driving significant change amongst colleges and universities. Students today expect and prefer digital communications, and as a result digital signage has become a cost-effective tool for schools to utilize.

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Digital signage at colleges, universities and other schools is growing rapidly. They are being used to educate students, provide emergency alerts, promote student events, and more. Learn how to do digital signage right on your campus.