Digital signage solution integrates with mobile ordering app

Digital signage provider embed signage has launched its solution integration with mobile ordering application Flypay, the company announced.


Digital signage connects cross-continental hackathon

At this year's international Amdocs OSS Hackathon 2015, digital signage played a key role in unifying a single competition across three continents, keeping competitors from each hackathon site abreast of the competition and allowing them to vote on each other's work.

How can big data drive digital signage?

Digital signage can help answer the value proposition of big data by driving action, sharing information and tearing down silos with data.

Digital signage lands at New Zealand's largest airport

Displays aim to reach the 15 million travelers flying in and out of the airport, and the 38 million people travelling through the airport corridor, annually.

Digital signage begins and ends with business

Alan Brawn, Partner at Brawn Consulting, looks forward to the Digital Signage Expo 2015 this March in Las Vegas.

Which digital signage platform is best for your business?

A digital signage expert weighs in on the debate over running a system on cloud-based or on-premise software.

Why digital signage belongs in the cloud

A digital signage expert offers his thoughts on the upside of cloud-based digital signage. Does he have a point?

Is lost in the cloud the right place for digital signage?

A display expert offers his thoughts on the downside of cloud-based digital signage. Let us know if you agree or disagree.

No more apples: Health care digital signage keeps doctors close

Health care mHealth solutions won't be fully effective until integrated with digital place-based networks, and vice versa.

BI: A transition from buyer to seller

Everyone seemed back to normal this week after wading through the typical muck of non-news and specious claims of dominance associated with an big events like ISE and the Digital Signage Expo. And then on Thursday, some real news came out that Wireless Ronin plans to merge with Broadcast International, with Ronin being the surviving entity.

McDonald's UK getting a taste of digital signage

The quick-service behemoth is expanding its in-store digital signage deployments in restaurants across the U.K.

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900-employee-photo digital signage video wall updates company tradition

X2O Media, a Barco company, announced today that the company's X2O platform is powering an employee photo video wall in the St. Cloud, Minnesota, headquarters of technology services provider Marco Inc.

DOOH group unveils digital platform and mobile network

DOOH company has announced the launch of a new digital technology platform and mobile network to power location based advertising.

Cloud-based interactive monitors amplify experience at Amazon Web Services Conference

LG Electronics partnered with Amazon Web Services last month to deliver hundreds of advanced monitors at the 2015 AWS Re:Invent user conference. The monitors were used to showcase LG Electronics cloud-based virtual computing solution.

Cloud-based platform turns 80-inch touchscreens into giant iPads

Mac users can now create tablet-type content and sync it with 80-inch digital signage displays from Sharp.

Eclipse intros new meeting-room plugin for digital signage

UK-based digital signage provider Eclipse Digital Media has announced the release of the new Room Booking plugin for its embed signage product, available free to all existing embed signage users.

FI services firm inks digital signage deal

Peru, Illinois-based LKCS, a provider of marketing services to financial institutions, has signed an agreement with Canada's ScreenScape Networks to offer its digital signage solution to financial institutions and other companies nationwide.

MediaSignage digital signage implements AWS CloudFront

MediaSignage Inc., a provider of enterprise and entry-level digital signage hardware and software, announced the server-wide rollout and implementation of AWS CloudFront.

SignStix digital signage gets interactive with update

Digital engagement platform SignStix announced the launch of a new interactive release (SignStix Viper - Version 2.8, autumn 2015), that it says enables anyone to easily build interactive applications and deploy them globally.

Canada's largest automotive accessory retail chain turns the key on digital signage

ScreenScape Networks Inc., announced that it has been selected by Action Car & Truck Accessories, Canada's largest automotive accessory retail chain, to power a nationwide in-store digital signage media channel.

Keywest Technology integrates digital signage with cloud-based hospitality services

Keywest Technology said it became an early adopter of the Newmarket Web Services Developer Portal, enabling the company to accelerate application delivery and improve customer and guest experiences.

UAE DOOH firm converts in-store and petrol station networks to BroadSign digital signage

United Arab Emirates-based digital out-of-home firm HyperMedia FZ LCC has converted its displays to BroadSign International LLC's automated software platform, BroadSign announced today.

Startup launches Concerto-based digital signage service

Innio, 'a startup with its roots in the digital signage system its founders developed while attending college,' announced it has released a subscription-based digital signage product based on the open-source Concerto signage system.

Elo, 11Giraffes integrate digital signage solutions

Global touchscreen solutions supplier Elo has announced that digital signage software provider 11Giraffes has certified Elo's I-Series touchscreen displays for use with its digital signage software platform.

Embed digital signage upgrades support for Samsung Smart Signage Platform

The company said popular demand led it to focus on developing improvements to its platform to further enhance support for the SSSP.

NanoLumens lights up CenturyLink R&D center with NanoWrap

Pillars in the building's three-story atrium lobby sport a custom NanoWrap solution that plays full-motion video bright enough to withstand the ambient light of midday.

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Cloud-Based digital signage offers several impressive benefits, from reducing on-premises infrastructure and CAPEX to fast and easy scalability to third-party management and security of cloud-based apps. The cloud is quickly becoming home to more and more varieties of technology solutions, including digital signage software.