The Connected QSR

Successful restaurant operators typically are skilled at serving great food, not managing IT infrastructure. A 4G LTE network can make the task of managing a restaurant's digital devices a breeze.

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Digital Display Technology: An Introduction to Digital Signage

Digital signage is a viable and effective communications tool, but companies taking the first step in signage deployment will be much more successful on the playing field if they understand the basics of what digital media is and how it operates. Learn the basics of digital signage and how to make it most effective.

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WEBINAR: The Internet of Things and Digital Signage - A Smart Combination

Today people are much more connected to their environment through the devices they carry and those around them. This evolution has been fueled by the Internet and networking the devices connecting to it. This process is about to accelerate as the Internet of Things evolves.

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CETW: Nanonation's interactive entertainment system

Nanonation CEO Brian Fairfield demonstrated the company's new interactive entertainment system, designed for use in restaurant and retail environments, at this year's Consumer Engagement Technology World event.

CETW: Age and gender detection

Lo-K displayed its LOOK application at CETW fall 2011. The tool identifies the age and gender of passers-by, enabling retailers to do a better job of merchandising to them.

CETW: Bluetooth couponing to cell phones

Alex Romanov with iSign tells editor Christopher Hall about his company's mobile couponing solution.

CETW: Managing digital signage interactivity

Michael Moore from Reflect talks about platforms that can help retailers and others manage interactive devices that are equal parts digital sign and kiosk.

CETW: Flexible digital signage and its applications

DigitalSignageToday visits the booth of NanoLumens at Customer Engagement Technology World.

CETW: NCR's endless-aisle solution

NCR used its booth at the fall 2011 CETW to showcase its endless-aisle solution. It enables retailers to bring their e-commerce functionality into the store for use when customers want products not currently in stock.

CETW: ComQi says 'Shazam'

Stu Armstrong talks about ComQi's recent partnership with the Shazam mobile app, which provides an audio alternative to QR codes.

CETW: The integration of mobile, digital signage and kiosks

Digital Signage Today editor Christopher Hall talks to 3Seventy about integration trends and impacts.

CETW: An update to SlideBuy POP digital sign

Ron Bowers from Frank Mayer & Associates demonstrated modifications to the SlideBuy, a movable digital sign, at Customer Engagement Technology World.

CETW: The four-finger ultra-slim kiosk Touch Revolution

Kiosk Marketplace editor Cherryh Butler discusses a new kiosk model at Customer Engagement Technology World.

CETW: X20 Media's Twitter Cube

X2O Media President David Wilkins talks to DST Editor Christopher Hall about X20 Media's Twitter Cube at CETW, powered in part by an Xbox 360 Kinect camera.

CETW: Auto-adjusting drive-thru kiosk

Meridian Zero Degrees shows its innovative QSR application, developed in partnership with Nextep.

CETW: The Body Mirror

Snibbe Interactive's full-length "mirror" can let people take a deeper look at themselves.

CETW: Kiosk, digital signage integration

LiveWire Kiosk's Dave McCracken talks about the integration of various customer-facing technologies, including mobile, with software that has remote-management functionality.

CETW: MediaTile's HumanKiosk

MediaTile CEO Simon Wilson shows how the HumanKiosk lets brands have a customer service representative on the sales floor without really having one on the floor.

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