An Introduction to Smart Retailing

Technology can create new ways to engage customers with intelligent means to manage, monitor and measure interactions.

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Webinar: Driving Sales Revenue with Digital Menu Boards

The presence of digital menu boards has grown substantially as companies recognize the revenue and cost cutting benefits of moving away from traditional static displays. From stadiums and quick service restaurants, to universities and amusement parks, businesses in a variety...

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Leveraging Engagement Technology for the Holiday Season

Learn four touchpoints to provide an exceptional customer experience.

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The Roadmap to Digital Signage Success: Everything you need to ask when planning and evaluating digital signage

Digital signage can truly be an enigma. Today, it seems to be all around us in forms as diverse as interactive flat-panel displays, scaling up to digital signs the size of buildings, and, most recently, scaling down to smartphones and mobile devices we carry around with us.

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Five Keys to Driving Sales with Digital Signage

Location, context, engagement, integrity and management are critical to ensuring the success of digital signage.

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Small-Screen Displays in a Retail Environment

As digital signage evolves, more retailers are using the technology to make an impact. Small screens can be an inexpensive way to influence customers at the point of purchase.

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White Paper: Creating Context in Content

In a time when many other communication technologies are experiencing slow or declining growth, the market for digital signage is exploding. According to a study by InfoTrends, at the end of 2006 the narrowcasting industry was valued at $1.1 billion,...

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White Paper: Keys to Digital Signage Success

The age of dynamic digital signage is upon us. You won’t travel very far without seeing an advertisement in a grocery store, a menu in a restaurant or a way-finding display in a hotel – all running on large-screen monitors. There’s a lot of excitement about digital signage and its potential.

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White Paper: Real Time in the Real World

Despite a global recession and tight credit markets, digital signage continues to grow, albeit to a more cautious tune. Purchasers have learned a great deal over the years about the medium and are much more demanding about real benefits from...

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Revving-up the retail customer experience

Autostrada Sport caters to their elite clients through various events, such as exclusive launch parties for new car models coming to market; race days, where car owners can take their automobiles out on the track; and vehicle customization and modification....

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Automotive Digital Signage ROI: Driving Value to Your Business

The advertising industry, like the automotive industry, has experienced significant challenges in this economy but one of its major segments, digital signage – is growing.

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