Webinar: Driving Sales Revenue with Digital Menu Boards

The presence of digital menu boards has grown substantially as companies recognize the revenue and cost cutting benefits of moving away from traditional static displays. From stadiums and quick service restaurants, to universities and amusement parks, businesses in a variety...

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Sponsor: Omnivex

Why Realtors Need Interactive Displays

New residential construction is on the rise, and interactive touchscreens can serve as a great tool to match buyers with their dream homes.

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Sponsor: Horizon Display

Leveraging Engagement Technology for the Holiday Season

Learn four touchpoints to provide an exceptional customer experience.

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Sponsor: Hewlett-Packard Company

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'You want fries with that?' Why restaurants need digital menu boards

The retail food industry depends on suggestive selling, and digital signage gives deployers more control over customer engagement and the upsell.

NRF: Intel demonstrates smart shelves for retail

At NRF 2013, Intel's senior principal engineer Mary Murphy-Hoye demonstrates the company's latest smart-shelf technology.

To advertise or entertain: No longer a question of choosing one over the other

If you're one of the booming number of retailers, dealers and service facilities who have caught on to the value of in-store TV, chances are you're using it exclusively in one of two ways: to entertain your customers (maybe you...

NRF 2012: Digital in-store media called to deliver, Pt. II (Commentary)

Part II of an expert digital signage consultant's take on digital in-store media at this year's NRF Retails' BIG Show.

Will 2012 finally be the year for digital-signage-in-a-box?

For a couple of years now I've been hearing about "digital signage in a box." In other words, an everything-in-one digital signage solution that a neophyte could buy and have up and running in hours. Not only have I been...

Passing the relevance test and getting engaged

Living in a connected society means we are constantly barraged with information, and the only way to remain top of the POP is to maximize the relevance of our messaging.

New study points to need for LED signage

British entrepreneur Richard Branson, the creator of the Virgin brand, is like most other entrepreneurs in that he relies "far more on gut instinct than researching huge amounts of statistics" ("Leap: A Revolution in Creative Business Strategy" by Bob Schmetterer)....

Getting engaged with digital in-store

Digital and conventional POP share commonalities, but only digital POP delivers relevance and influence to shoppers while tracking and reporting customer engagement.

CETW: NCR's endless-aisle solution

NCR used its booth at the fall 2011 CETW to showcase its endless-aisle solution. It enables retailers to bring their e-commerce functionality into the store for use when customers want products not currently in stock.

CETW: An update to SlideBuy POP digital sign

Ron Bowers from Frank Mayer & Associates demonstrated modifications to the SlideBuy, a movable digital sign, at Customer Engagement Technology World.

The path to purchase evolution: digital in-store

While the significant components of the path to purchase remain the same, the stops along the way are evolving, with significant and growing influence from digital mediums.

Bridging the communication gap with technology

As we look ahead to 2012 and as multichannel paths to purchase grow in popularity and use, we consider how technology — specifically digital in-store technology — is working to bridge the communication gap.

The importance of hyper-relevance: Seasonal messaging

Digital signage is the perfect venue for hyper-relevant, constantly updated messages — so, how do you pass the relevance test?

22 million digital signs by 2015

Getting a handle on the real size of the digital signage (DS) industry is a challenge. Most analysts focus on specific geographic areas or niche sectors, making it hard to get comparable data on a global basis.

B2C to B2Me: MediaTile launching HumanKiosk (Video)

Cellular digital signage specialists MediaTile will announce the commercial launch of the HumanKiosk digital signage solution later this week.

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