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Manufacturing Resources International

MRI (Manufacturing Resources International) is an Atlanta based designer and manufacturer of Digital LCD Displays (32"-72"), Digital Menu Boards, Pump-Top Displays and Self-Ordering Kiosks.

The BoldVu ® product line encompasses both indoor and outdoor configurations and includes unique features such as BrightVu® (2000 nit brightness), SureVu® (image verification), CoolVu® (for 50° C) and SAM® (service access modules) to provide a low cost of ownership with optimum functionality. MRI has an installed base of 5500+ units and offers both standard and custom hardware/technology designs to meet your specific application requirements. Click here to read why MRI has the Advantage and visit for more information.

BoldVu® Product Features: Discover "The 8 Features No One Else Has" found in our Service Showcase below.

  • SureVu® Digital Image Verification:  Verifies constant image on screen
  • SAM® Service Access Module:  Allows quick and easy in-field access to critical components
  • AmpVu® Power Management System:  Current Monitoring/Control
  • StatusVu® Performance Monitoring:  real time status report on key performance factors
  • DynamicVu® Dynamic Block Dimming: Reduces power consumption by 20-40%  
  • BrightVu® Outdoor/Sunlight Visibility:  Constant 2000 nits for 30,000 hours
  • CoolVu® Thermal Management System:  Allows for use in +50°C (+122°F) temperatures
  • SRF® Solar Rejection Film:  Rejects 50+% of sun load

BoldVu® Product Line: Take a moment to check out our Product Showcases or click for complete indoor and outdoor display information.  The following is a quick snapshot of our product showcases:

Mounting Style
Free-Standing Displays
47" - 72"
Universal Mount Displays
32" - 72"
Panel Display Modules
32" - 72"
Digital Array Stand
32" - 72"
Digital Array Module
32" - 72"
TripleVu® Display
Way2Order® Kiosk
Dispenser Top Unit